About Us

About Us

We are Ian Brennan and Trisha Wren, a Kiwi and a Scot, who moved to this farm from Scotland in 2005.

We are both formerly computer programmers, though we had some experience of a smaller block of land, keeping animals etc.

Ian is now a full time farmer and conservationist; Trisha is an Equine Energy worker and runs her business from the farm.

Our passions are conservation, sustainable living, and self-sufficiency; music, movies and books; our animals (dogs, cats and horses); and living this wonderful life in New Zealand!

Before moving to this farm in 2005 we lived outside of Edinburgh where we planted six acres of mixed woodland on degraded land in 1997. Trees grow a lot slower there than here, but most of that planting is now closed canopy and has vastly increased the local bird population. Having spent so much effort to get those trees established, it is strange to think that most of them are considered noxious weeds in New Zealand!

About Cassie

Cassie was our 3 legged Doberman, a rescue dog who made the trip with us from Scotland to New Zealand in 2005.  She loved this farm, so we named it after her! Cassie passed in 2008 but her spirit is still here.