Videos by Ian Brennan

Financially, our farm was a marginal enterprise when we bought it 15 years ago.  Shortly after buying it, we legally protected the 16 hectares of native forest fragment under and QEII covenant.  Since then, we have retired about half of our remaining grazing land.  In order to replace the income we lost from that, I have secured grant funding to make a number of forestry related videos.  
With all the other changes happening on farm and with recent Covid disruptions, , I’m a bit behind with my video commitments, but here are some to be going on with.

Riparian Restoration over 24 years near Rotorua:

Pruning Totara for Timber:

Case Study: Woodside - Black Beech managed as Continuous Cover Forestry

Case Study: Cassie's Farm - establishing Native forestry from scratch

How to plant Native seedlings at scale

Research topic: Native forest regeneration under wilding pines